The role of the Administrator General and Chief Administrative Officer in inheritance matters

a. The Administrator General is a government person responsible for making sure that the property of a dead person is Read More

Procedure for Getting Letters of Administration in Uganda

1. A close adult relative should obtain a death certificate and a letter from the Local Council stating the deceased’s Read More

What is intestate succession (dying without a will)

A person dies intestate in respect of all their property they own in Uganda where they did not make a Read More

What is probate?

Probate means the giving permission by a court (with power to do so) to a person named in the last Read More

Who can be beneficiaries of a will?

1. Anyone chosen by the person making a will may benefit from it.

2. The spouse/legal husband or wife of the Read More

Revocation/canceling of a will

Revocation refers to cancellation of a decision or a promise

Ways in which a will can be revoked/canceled

a. Marriage of the Read More

Where can a will be kept for safety?

a) High Court registrar.

b) Administrator General’s office.

c) Bank or Microfinance institution.

d) Advocate/lawyer’s office.

e) Best friend.

f) Religious leader.

Read More

Contents of a will

A will has to be in writing except the one made by a fish monger or a soldier at sea.

Contents Read More

Forms of a will

Unprivileged wills; refer to wills made or written by any person such as one whose not in the armed forces Read More

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