What is probate?

Probate means the giving permission by a court (with power to do so) to a person named in the last will to give out or manage property of a dead person.

How to obtain probate

a. The agent of the area where the death has occurred upon receiving a notice of death must find out whether the deceased left any property in Uganda so he or she reports the death and full particulars to the administrator General.

b. Probate can be granted seven days from the date of death

c. The person applying has to advertise his or intention in the gazette, one approved newspaper and on the notice board of the high court at Kampala   and that of the magisterial area of the district where the deceased was a resident.

d. The application must only be granted after the expiry of fourteen days, the application is by way of petition.

e. While making   the petition one must state the time of death of the maker of the will, the value of the estate and that the applicant is the named executor, it must also state that it was a valid will.

f. The will must be in English, if not it must be translated.

g. The application must also be verified in the requisite form by at least one witness that attested to the will.

f. The copies of the advertisements earlier mentioned must accompany the petition , further more they must be approved and accompanied with certificate of the date of posting by the registrar


- Copy of the will

- Notice of intention to apply the form in the first schedule of the judicature(administration of estates rules) S.I 13-7

- Petition

- Affidavit

- A certificate endorsed by the registrar showing the date of making the advertisement.


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