What is intestate succession (dying without a will)

A person dies intestate in respect of all their property they own in Uganda where they did not make a will or where a court of law declares such a will unacceptable.

Who is entitled to apply for letter of administration?

1. The spouse, that is, the wife or husband of the dead person provided they were not separated from the dead spouse at the time of their death or stayed with that person at least six months before they died except for a just cause.

2. The wife or husband must show that they are rightfully married to the dead person.

3. The children of the dead person also have a right to share in the property of their dead parent.

4. The child must not be one born by the dead person but could have been taken on by the dead person as their own.

5. Relatives who completely get their living from the dead person can also share in their property upon their death.

6. The inheritor to the dead person is also allowed to share in the property of the dead person.

7. It is wrong for anybody to distribute the property of the dead without authority from a court of law. Only the court has authority to administer the estate of a person who dies intestate.

How much are they entitled?

- Children- 75%

- Spouse- 15%

- Dependent relatives- 9%

- Customary heir- 1%

Can a house of a dead person be shared?

NO, the house where the couple stayed during the life time of the dead are not included in the property to be shared.


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