Compulsory land acquisition by government

This is called compulsory land acquisition by government. It only happen for public use or in the interest of defence, Read More

Tenancy in common

This means that two or more people have interest in the same land accruing/created at different times, under different titles Read More

Joint tenancies

This is where the property is owned jointly by two or more people and there are no distinct/divided shares in Read More

Access to the public road or highway.

Where you cannot access the main road from your land, the law allows you to get a way through a Read More

Types of tenancies in Uganda

Tenancy at sufferance:

i. Here, the tenant enters onto the land with a valid agreement/permission.

ii. When the permission/agreement ends, he/she remains Read More

Replacement of lost, obliterated or otherwise missing land titles

Your land title must have been destroyed, obliterated or lost. You are required to make a statutory declaration and before Read More

What is a District Land Board?

District land boards are created by the Constitution law and they can sue of be sued. There functions are;

1. Hold Read More

What is fraud in land dealings?

Fraud exists when or when there is;

1. Some act of dishonesty or actual fraud.

2. Forgery of signatures.

3. Failure to follow Read More

Who is a bonafide purchaser of land?

This is a person who at the time of buying land acted in good faith, paid legally recognized value and Read More

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