Types of tenancies in Uganda

Tenancy at sufferance:

i. Here, the tenant enters onto the land with a valid agreement/permission.

ii. When the permission/agreement ends, he/she remains on the land without the consent or dissent of the owner.

iii. During his or her subsequent stay there was no payment of rent.

iv. This type of tenancy can be terminated/ended at any time, without notice.

v. The tenant may be held liable to compensate the land owner for the use and occupation of the said land.

Tenancy at will:

a. Here the tenant enters onto the land with the consent/permission of the land lord without the specification of the terms of the tenancy.

b. This tenancy can be terminated by the death, re-entry, involuntary assigning and alienation or by notice.

Periodic tenancies;

Here tenancies run on a periodically normally monthly or quarterly. It can be ended by way of notice.

Please note that these types of tenancies should not be confused with joint tenancies, tenants in common or bonafide occupants.


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