Access to the public road or highway.

Where you cannot access the main road from your land, the law allows you to get a way through a neighbor’s land;

a. You can be able get a maximum of a 20 feet wide road access.

b. You, your servants and any other person lawfully going to and from your land have the right of way on that land.

c. You must repair the road access.

d. Where the neighbor also uses it, he or she has to contribute to the maintenance of that road as agreed between you and him/him or as directed by the court.

The procedure for getting an order of accessing public road:

1. You must have failed to agree with your neighbor(s).

2. The application is made to the land tribunal

3. The application must be in the format provided the law in the schedule.

4. Your application must be accompanied by a sketch or plan of the proposed road and the tribunal may give an order for you to enter upon the neighbor’s land to draw that sketch or plan.

5. The tribunal may make the order subject to any other terms it may so deem fit in regard to the compensation.

6. The order giving you the way can be registered with the registrar of titles.

7. Your neighbor can appeal the decision within thirty days to the High court.


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